Partial & Full Consigned PCB Assembly Available in PCBONLINE

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Overview of Consigned PCB Assembly

  • PCBONLINE provides both partial and full consigned PCB assembly service. Whether you have a portion of parts and bare PCB, or all of the parts and PCB, as long as you want PCB assembly service, PCBONLINE is your trustworthy complex consigned PCB assembler.
  • The consigned assembly enables you to redistribute the work and keep your own manufacturing facility, and it is quite common in the electronic world now.

Advantages of Consigned PCB Assembly

Why Choose Consigned PCB Assembly from PCBONLINE

  • • Strictly follow the ISO9001-2008 quality standard to ensure quality stability and environmental protection requirements.
  • • All SMT and THT production lines are RoHS-certified, including materials purchased such as solder paste, flux, and components we provide.
  • • Conduct 100% functional tests on the PCBA board to ensure that all of the PCBA products delivered to you are free of problems.
  • • Short lead time - the fastest SMT processing is within 8 hours, PCBA standard parts within 24 hours.
  • • Accept SMT parts for partial consigned PCBA such as reels, tubes, trays, partial reel, cut tape, and bulk.
  • • Provide not only PCBA proofing, testing, debugging, and assembly, but also fault troubleshooting, product maintenance, and other services in later stages.
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Consigned PCB Assembly - Process and Tech Specs


Partial Consignment vs. Full Consignment

  • Both partial consignment and full consignment are available in PCBONLINE.
  • The partial consignment means that you provide part of the components and the rest are provided by PCBONLINE. If you have some special or confidential components, or you have bought some components, and the rest needs to be taken care of by us, this is called the partial consignment.
  • The full consignment PCB assembly requires you to give us the components and printed circuit boards expected to construct a PCBA. When all the supplies are provided by the customer, we will work on the PCB assembly. This kind of assembly is suitable when you have all the bare printed circuit boards and components, but is in lack of professional PCB assembly lines or technologies.
  • Whether you online order a partial or full consigned PCB assembly, when all components and PCB are prepared, PCBONLINE will reexamine them according to the test parameters of different components. If there is any abnormality in the inspection process, we will communicate with you in time. And we make sure that the quality of the PCBA meets all needs.

Basic Steps of Consigned PCB Assembly

The PCB assembly process goes through different stages, including the solder paste printing, picking and placing components, soldering, and inspection of the PCBA. These processes are carried on in an extremely secured environment to ensure the high quality. The basic steps are as below.

  • 1. Solder paste printing: the solder paste is added to the board where it is needed using a solder screen. We usually use the SMT stencil to help print the solder paste precisely and quickly.
  • 2. Pick and place components: the next stage of the process is to place the components on the boards. A machine is supplied with the reels of the components that are then picked and placed. These are held in place by the solder paste tension.
  • 3. Soldering: after the placement of the components, the circuit board is passed through the soldering machine and it goes off to next assembly step.
  • 4. Inspection: after soldering, the boards are then passed through the automated inspection machines. These machines detect complete problems with joints, wrong components, or misplaced components. When the PCBA passes all the tests, the printed circuit board assembly process is done.

Consigned PCB Assembly Capability

  • PCBONLINE has strong capabilities in consigned PCB assembly. The assembly processes are optimized by us to the best. Though the delivery time depends on the complexity of specific circuit boards, you can refer to our general delivery time and capabilities as below.
  • Product Type PCB Quantity Assembly Technology Standard Delivery Time
    PCB Sample 1-100 Pieces Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
    Plated Through Hole Technology(PTH)
    Mixed Technology Assembly
    RoHS 5 and RoHS 6 Compliant
    Leaded/Lead-Free upon Request
    1 Working Day
    Trial Production 101-1,000 Pieces 3-5 Working Days
    Small Volume Production 1,001-5,000 Pieces 5-7 Working Days
    Medium Volume Production 5,001-10,000 Pieces 7-9 Working Days
    Large Volume Production 10,000+ Pieces 9-11 Working Days

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