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SMT Assembly and PTH PCB Assembly at PCBONLINE

  • PCBONLINE's PCB assembly factory is in Shenzhen, which provides quality SMT assembly and PTH assembly for clients around the globe for medical, aerospace, defense, industrial, automotive, communication, and consumer electronics.
  • PCBONLINE has 30 mature SMT and PTH assembly lines. We assemble flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, multilayer PCBs, single/double-sided PCBs, HDI PCBs, ceramic PCBs, lead-free PCBs, and many more. Whether you have some components or no components, PCBONLINE is always your one-stop solution expert and PCB assembler to fulfill your projects.

About SMT Assembly and PTH PCB Assembly

PCBONLINE's Strengths in SMT Assembly and PTH PCB Assembly

  • ◆ SMT and PTH assembly lines are equipped with Pansonic and Yamaha SMT machines, 3D-SPI, X-Ray, 3D-AOI, reflow soldering ovens, Ersa wave soldering machines, etc.
  • ◆ Provide medical-grade SMT and PTH assembly for senior engineers, companies, and institutes with the highest quality.
  • ◆ SMT and PTH assembly are IPC-A-610 Class 3 compliant and ISO 9001:2015, REACH, RoHS, IATF 16949, and UL certified.
  • ◆ We offer free BOM and Gerber files check and useful suggestions if there are issues before giving a quote.
  • ◆ Professional solution experts provide free one-on-one engineering support and seek to save client's costs by the latest technology and manufacturing optimization.
  • ◆ After SMT and PTH PCB assembly, we conduct the Kelvin four-terminal sensing, functional test, thermal aging test, conformal coating, etc.
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PCBONLINE, Always Trustworthy SMT and PTH PCB Assembly Manufacturer


Partial Consignment vs. Full Consignment

  • PCBONLINE provides flexible production for SMT and PTH assembly. Both partial consignment and full consignment are available in PCBONLINE.
  • Partial consignment PCB assembly means that you provide part of the components, and PCBONLINE sources the rest and provides PCB manufacturing and assembly.
  • Full consignment PCB assembly means that you have prepared all required components, and PCBONLINE provides PCB manufacturing and assembly.
  • Whether you order partial or full consigned PCB assembly, when all components are prepared, PCBONLINE will reexamine them according to their test parameters. If there is any abnormality in the inspection process, we will communicate with you in time. And we make sure that the quality of the PCBAs meets all needs.

Basic Steps of SMT and PTH PCB Assembly

The PCB assembly process goes through different stages, including PCB soldering and testings. These processes are conducted in our Class 100,000 Cleanroom PCBA factory to ensure high quality. The basic steps are as below.

  • 1. First article inspection: a small quantity of PCBA is manufactured, and we randomly choose one for the first piece test. A technician uses a probe to touch the board, the FAI tester analyzes the results, and the computer visually and auditorily shows the results. An FAI report is generated, and we send it for clients to review and approve batch PCBA manufacturing.
  • 2. SMT assembly: in an SMT machine, solder paste is applied on PCB pads with the help of an SMT stencil. On an SMT assembly line, PCBs in order go through the SMT machine, SPI, high-speed mounting machine, functional mounting machine, X-ray, reflow soldering oven, and AOI machine.
  • 3. PTH assembly: PTH components are mounted manually. Then PCBAs go through the pre-heater and wave soldering machine. Technicians trim the PTH component pins, visually check, and use a soldering iron to optimize the soldering.
  • 4. Post-assembly stage: when SMT and PTH assembly are done, PCBONLINE conducts Kelvin four-terminal sensing, functional test, thermal aging test, and conformal coating to PCBAs.

SMT and PTH PCB Assembly Capability

  • PCBONLINE has strong capabilities in SMT and PTH PCB assembly. The assembly processes are optimized by us to the best. You can refer to our general delivery time and capabilities as below.

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