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carbon nanotube pcb

Overview of Carbon Nanotube PCB

  • PCBONLINE is currently the only carbon nanotube PCB manufacturer in the market, but still you can get the best quality at a reasonable price. Carbon nanotube PCB is featured with the carbon nanotube as its substrate. It is as electrically conductive as the FR4 PCB, as thermally conductive as the aluminum PCB, and hard, light, durable, and stable.
  • All the wonderful features make carbon nanotube PCB best for LED lighting and other industries.

Advantages of Carbon Nanotube PCB

Why Choose Carbon Nanotube PCB from PCBONLINE

  • • Carbon nanotube PCB has been successfully mass-produced by us.
  • • We developed a material that can completely replace the high-conductivity aluminum substrate.
  • • The carbon nanotube produced by us can completely replace the double-sided aluminum PCB.
  • • We have special control over the VCUT depth during VCUT processing and you don't have to worry about the fragile carbon nanotube material.
  • • You can also get carbon nanotube PCB assembly and components of best quality from us.
carbon nanotube pcb structure

Carbon Nanotube PCB - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Why Use Carbon Nanotube PCB

  • Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are tubes made of carbon with diameters typically measured in nanometers, which used in PCB is the new technology. Due to the cellular structure and chemical properties of carbon, carbon nanotube materials have the characteristics of heat resistance, high-temperature resistance, antistatic, lightweight and chemical resistance.
  • Moreover, the carbon nanotube material have wonderful insulation, and its appearance perfectly solves the problem that the double-sided aluminum substrate needs the "thermoelectric separation technology". This not only saves production cost but also reduces production difficulty.
  • There are a lot of other applications for carbon nanotube PCB in the LED lightning industry, the military products, the medical field, etc..

Production by PCBONLINE

  • Carbon Nanotube PCB is the same as the double-sided FR-4 in the production process, but the thermal conductivity is similar to that of the aluminum PCB, so the processing process is not as cumbersome as a double-sided aluminum PCB, and can completely replace the double-sided aluminum substrate. For details, please refer to our test report.
  • At the same time, because the material of carbon nanotube PCB is relatively fragile, we specifically control the VCUT depth during VCUT processing.
  • We also add a mat at the top and bottom to prevent breakage when packing.
  • We do every effort to ensure the superium quality of the carbon nanotube PCB, and using it your product is of the best quality.
  • Whether you are interested in carbon nanotube materials or have any problems with the carbon nanotube PCB design process, please contact us at, and we will give you a satisfactory answer.

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