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"High volume PCBA assembly refers to bulky PCBA order that has 10,000 and above pieces to be assembled. PCBONLINE provides one-stop solutions and offers a complete PCBA sample and functional test."
high volume PCB assembly manufacturer

High Volume PCB Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

high volume PCB assembly

Applications of High Volume PCB Assembly

  • ● High volume PCB assembly is used for bulky production when the design settles
  • ● Terminal companies usually order high-volume PCB assembly and box-built for stable marketing supply
  • ● High volume PCB assembly is usually implemented after the sample PCBA assembled with the mechanical box is done
  • ● High volume assembly for MCPCBs and ceramic PCBs usually serves for applications with better thermal dissipation
  • ● High volume assembly for FPC and rigid-flex PCBs usually serve for applications with a compact space that needs bending
  • ● High volume assembly for HDI and high-frequency PCBs usually serve for high-speed and microwave applications
High-Volume PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB assembly standard

IPC-A-610 Class 2/3

High volume PCB assembly quantity

1000+ PCBA pieces or 20+㎡ total area

Turnaround time (including component sourcing)

18 days to 35 days

Finest pitch


Maximum board size

1200mm × 370mm

Minimum board size

50mm × 50mm

Maximum rectangular part size

50mm × 150mm

Maximum square part size

74mm × 74mm

Maximum component height


PCB thickness

0.3mm to 4mm

Minimum SMD package

01005 (0.4mm × 0.2mm)

PCB assembly services

PCB design
PCB fabrication
electronic component sourcing
conformal coating
IC programming
burn-in test

Advantages of the High Volume PCB Assembly Manufacturer PCBONLINE

One-stop PCB assembly contract manufacturing, including PCB design, fabrication, assembly, and value-added services, from sampling to high volume
For bulky PCB assembly orders, we offer a free complete PCBA sample and functional testing
Flexible production and strong manufacturing capabilities for advanced PCB/PCBA
One-on-one engineering and customer support throughout your PCB project
Reliable electronic component sourcing channels, including our Hong Kong procurement team and strategic cooperation with authoritative suppliers
High quality is ensured by complete tests and inspections, such as the functional test and burn-in test

High Volume PCB Assembly Certifications

High Volume PCB Assembly Certifications

High Volume PCB Assembly Contract Manufacturing from PCBONLINE

  • PCBONLINE is a source factory that provides PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, and value-added services. High volume PCB assembly contract manufacturing means we fabricate and assemble equal to or more than 10,000 pieces of circuit boards or the PCB with a production area of more than 20㎡ in your name.
  • When we receive your request, we will review your Gerber, BOM, and pick-and-place file to ensure your design is correct and we can source all components. If you don't have a Gerber, our engineer can design PCB for you. When both parties agree to the payment terms and you place the order, we will start fabricating the PCBs and SMT stencils for you.
  • Our high volume PCB fabrication and assembly are fast, but if our warehouse doesn't stock all components in your material list, it may take some time for component sourcing. The component sourcing turnaround ranges from 15 days to 30 days.
  • Our PCB assembly is lead-free and follows the IPC-A-610 Class 2/3 standards.
  • Apart from PCB design, fabrication, and assembly, you can order value-added services from PCBONLINE, including IC programming, conformal coating, mechanical box design and manufacturing, and box-built.

PCBONLINE Provides Preferential for High Volume PCB Assembly

high-volume PCB electronics
PCBONLINE Provides Preferential for High Volume PCB Assembly At PCBONLINE, PCB assembly orders at any quantity enjoy our one-on-one engineering and customer support and best product quality. But for high volume PCB assembly orders, we have extra free services:
A complete sample: PCB fabrication, a complete set of electronic components, PCB assembly, and box-built for the sample are free.
Functional test: at PCBONLINE, the functional jig test price is $0.075 per piece. For high volume PCB assembly orders, the functional test to PCBA is free of charge.
Discounted price: our general manager will take part in high-volume PCB assembly projects, and you can enjoy a discounted price according to your negotiation.
If you have any needs, please feel free to send your inquiry to PCBONLINE by email at info@pcbonline.com.

Advantages of High Volume PCB Assembly

  • Benefits of high volume PCB assembly for terminal companies include:
  • Lower unit price: compared with low-volume PCB assembly, the unit price of high volume PCB assembly is much lower.
  • Reliable manufacturing services: with PCBONLINE, you don't need a sourcing team, hardware manufacturing workers, and so on. You only need to focus on R&D and marketing.

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High Volume PCB Assembly Examples

"These are the PCB assemblies for smart traffic monitoring. Our customer ordered one-stop manufacturing, including high-volume PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and functional testing. We also placed the PCBA sample beside the street nearby our company to test it in a real use environment."

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