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High Volume PCB Assembly at PCBONLINE

  • PCB assembly manufacturer PCBONLINE provides EMS high volume PCB assembly services IPC-A-610 Class 3 compliant, and we offer free complete PCBA samples, PCBA functional testing, and design for excellence. Together with quality PCB manufacturing and component sourcing, we produce successful products without the hassle.
  • High volume PCB assembly means the quantity of PCBs to be assembled is 10,000 or more, and PCBONLINE's PCBA factory matches the high volume PCB assembly projects. Our 30 mature SMT and THT lines will complete large-scale PCBA manufacturing of the highest quality within the required delivery time.

About of High Volume PCB Assembly

PCBONLINE's Strengths in High Volume PCB Assembly

  • • PCBONLINE provides one-stop PCBA manufacturing with the highest quality, from sampling, component sourcing, high volume PCB assembly to PCBA testings.
  • • High volume PCB assembly is IPC-A-610 Class 3 compliant and certified with ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, RoHS, REACH, and UL.
  • • High volume PCB assembly is medical-grade, and we assemble for aerospace, defense, medical, automotive, communication, industrial, and consumer electronics.
  • • Our professional solution experts always seek to help clients reduce costs by using the latest technology and optimizing the manufacturing processes.
  • • PCBONLINE offers free one-on-one engineering support, DFM, DFT, and DFX.
  • • High volume PCB assembly is a big order, and for this, we provide discounts, free complete PCBA samples, and functional testing.
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High Volume PCB Assembly - Process and Tech Specs


Tech Specifications

Both PHT or SMT assembly of large volume are available in PCBONLINE. Accuracy and performance are guaranteed. Here you can check technical specifications of high volume PCB assembly using the SMT technique as below.


Assembly Capability

PCBONLINE offers both turnkey and consigned assembly service for large-volume PCBs. Either the turnkey or the consigned assembly includes stencils, soldering, and shipment. Numerous assembly capabilities that PCBONLINE can offer include:

  • 1. Turnkey component sourcing: sourcing of all the components is done from authorized and certified sellers to keep up the production quality and to avoid component failure issues.
  • 2. Assembly choices: PCBONLINE provides the plated through hole (PHT), surface mounted technology (SMT), and a combination of both technologies mixed together forming a hybrid board. Single or double-sided mixed assembly is also available upon request.
  • 3. Type of soldering: PCBONLINE provides both leaded and lead-free solder options for high-volume PCB assembly.
  • 4. Dimensions: board size in general are: Min: 50*50 mm, Max: 1 buffer is 650*370 mm (single clamping), Max: 3 buffer is 500*370 mm. Component height is 25mm and the size is 0201*~74mm*74mm/50mm*150mm.
  • 5. Stencils: PCBONLINE makes sure that the end product is of high-quality. For this purpose, we use laser cut stainless steel stencils.
  • 6. On-time shipment: PCBONLINE makes sure to deliver the product according to the client’s time requirements.

Test Methods for PCB Assembly

  • After soldering the components onto the circuit boards tightly, it is necessary to test the assembly quality and check alignments. The testing methods PCBONLINE provides to detect the imperfections in the circuit boards include:
  • In-circuit test (ICT): this is the most suitable method for finding analog issues with components, capacitance, and resistance in high-volume PCB assembly. This method identifies most of the bugs present in the PCBs. The setup of this system contains thousands of sensors to detect problems.
  • Functional circuit test (FCT): the test is carried out to check the circuits. This strategy is performed at the final stage of production to check if all the functions of the PCB are functioning according to the specifications of the client. The circuit boards are tested to check if all the components are assembled properly.
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI): it is mandatory to check the quality of the PCBA before they leave the facility. During the AOI test, a camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure and quality defects. If any errors occur, PCBONLINE will fix them and detect again.

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