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High Frequency PCB Manufacturing at PCBONLINE

  • PCBONLINE provides one-stop high frequency PCB manufacturing for aerospace, defense, communication, industrial, automotive, and consumer electronics. We manufacture and assemble RF microwave PCBs and high-speed PCBs, including RF 6-24GHz PCBs, RF 77GHz PCBs, embedded antenna PCBs, etc.
  • PCBONLINE has high-frequency base materials in stock and grasps core technologies in manufacturing such as thermal expansion/contraction control, embedded antenna DFM, impedance control, etc. We understand that base materials are the key to high frequency PCB quality, and because of that, our storage time for high frequency materials is no more than 45 days.
  • High frequency PCB manufacturing at PCBONLINE enjoys free one-on-one engineering support. PCBONLINE will assist you in every step of your high-frequency PCB project until you receive satisfying results!

All about High Frequency/High Speed PCBs

Technical Advantages of PCBONLINE's High Frequency PCB Manufacturing

  • ◆ Have the capability to achieve RF interface and digital interface on the same high frequency PCB.
  • ◆ Realize embedded conductor structure design with extremely low sensitivity of the antenna layer.
  • ◆ Manufacture high frequency PCBs to have a small impedance tolerance and optimized RF performance.
  • ◆ Can drill all types of vias such as blind vias, overlapping vias, staggered vias, skip vias, and buried vias.
  • ◆ Strict impedance control and line widths within the maximum 2% tolerance range.
  • ◆ Grasp the core technology to minimize the expansion and contraction control of the RF microwave PCBs.
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Why Buy High Frequency PCBs from PCBONLINE

  • • Store direct-imported-from-U.S. Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, and many other different materials.

  • • Can fabricate high frequency hybrid PCBs, 8mm finished thickness high frequency PCBs, and copper/ceramic base high frequency PCBs.

  • • Provide diverse high-frequency materials to choose such as PTFE, ceramics, FR4, ceramic-filled PTFE, ceramic filled with hydrocarbon, etc.

  • • Insist on using high-quality materials of low Dk, Df, thermal expansion coefficient, and water absorption.

  • • Our lead time is short as the high-frequency base materials are ready to use.

Besides, in the RF microwave projects, PCBONLINE has comprehensive coordination and communication with clients, which plays a core role in the success of the projects. Together with the true understanding of the customer needs and product functionality when we build a product project and our PCB manufacturing technologies and base materials, PCBONLINE can provide customers with the best suggestions and batch production of high frequency PCBs.


Three Types of High Frequency PCBs at PCBONLINE

  • PCBONLINE manufactures RF microwave PCBs according to clients' design. Here are three main types of high frequency PCBs that PCBONLINE provides and their details:

  • ◆ RF 6 to 24GHz PCBs:

  • RF 6 to 24GHz PCBs are usually used for signal emission and reception in a short distance (within 30 meters). You can classify RF 6 to 24GHz PCBs as active components because the antenna technology is integrated on the printed circuit board. In some cases, not only the antenna but also the wave filter is etched in the circuit. The circuit generates a radar lobe, and the PCBs' antenna structure emits it. The radar lobe is reflected by the object and received by the antenna structure. Based on this technology, PCBONLINE uses base materials of higher frequencies to optimize the circuit functions.

  • Besides, PCBONLINE manufactures the RF 6 to 24GHz PCBs to have a stable dielectric constant (Epsilon r) and low dielectric loss (tan delta).

  • ◆ RF 77GHz PCBs:

  • RF 77GHz PCBs are used for signal emission and reception in a long distance. In a PCB Radar, two antennas are integrated into the circuit board as the etched copper structure. One antenna is the radar wave transmitter, and the other is the radar wave receiver. The high-frequency circuit generates the waves and evaluates the reflected signal (the RF part in the front side of the high-frequency PCB emits the wave, and the digital circuit on the backside of the PCB evaluates the reflected signals). Depending on the frequency band, RF 77GHz PCBs' RF system provides a higher resolution.

  • All functions of the RF microwave circuit are achieved by the special base materials that transmit and emit the high-frequency radiation to the antenna with the smallest possible attenuation. As a result, PCBONLINE manufactures RF 77GHz PCBs to have a much smaller antenna structure, conductor geometry, and manufacturing tolerances.

  • Besides, PCBONLINE uses PTFE-based materials for RF 77GHz PCBs. These base materials' filler has higher hardness and much lower stability, and thus RF 77GHz PCBs are more difficult to process.

  • ◆ Embedded Antenna PCBs:

  • Embedded antenna PCBs are developed from RF 77GHz PCBs. The conductive pattern on the PCB's RF layer is embedded in the RF material. This is to make sure that the PCB can be manufactured to have a small conductor width and conductor spacing, as well as minimized conductor tolerances and rounded corners. Besides, accurate mapping of the antenna layout improves the RF performance and reduce power consumption.

  • PCBONLINE's embedded antenna design for manufacturing technology can minimize the PCB's conductor tolerance and corner roundness/roughness.


High Frequency PCB Materials and Specifications

The base materials take up the most ratio in the microwave PCB price, and because of that, PCBONLINE always pays attention to ensure the materials' best performance and stability. You will find materials accessible to PCBONLINE below:

PTFE HF PCB Materials Suppliers Material Series Models
Rogers RT5000 RT5880, RT5870
RT6000 RT6002, RT6006
RO3000 RO3003, RO3006
RO3203, RO3210
Ultralam 3000 Ultralam 3850
Ultralam 2000 Ultralam 2000
Taizhou Wangling F4B F4B-2
TF-1, 2 TF-1, 2
TP-2 TP-2
F4D-2 F4D-2
TP-12 TP-12
Nelco NX9000 NX9240, NX9245, NX9250, NX9255, NX9260, NX9294, NX9300, NX9320...
NY9000 NY9208, NY9217, NY9220, NY9233...
NH9000 NH9294, NH9300, NH9320, NH9338, NH9348, NH9350...
Taconic TLX TLX-0, TLX-6, TLX-7
TLX-8, TLX-8-CL1, TLX-9
TLC-30, TLC-32
RF RF-30
RF-60, RF-60A
RF-35, RF-35P
RF-45, RF-41
RF-35A, RF-35A2
TRF-45, TRF-43, TRF-41
TLT-0, TLT-6
TL TL-32, TL-35
other CER10, TSM-30
TLX-9 TLX-9-0200
Arlon Diclad Diclad522
Cuclad Cuclad250GT
Cuclad233LX, Cuclad233GY
Cuclad217LX, Cuclad 217GY
Isoclad Isoclad933
AD AD250, AD255, AD255A, AD255C, AD255IM, AD255L
AD260A, AD270
AD350, AD350A
AD300, AD320, AD300C, AD300A
AD410, AD450, AD600
AD1000, AD10
other AR1000
TC350, TC600, EP-2
PI HF PCB Materials Supplier (Non FR4) Tg Models
Arlon high Tg >250 85N
Ventec high Tg >250 VT-90H
Nelco high Tg >250 N7000-2 HT
N7000-2 HT

Specifications of high speed, RF, and microwave PCBs manufactured by PCBONLINE are below:

Characteristics Capabilities
Quality Grade IPC Class 3
Layer Number 2-24
Conductor width control ±0.02mm
Hole wall copper ≥ 20μм
Thermal stress 10 seconds at 288°C
Permittivity ε2.1-10.0
Punching or routing tolerance ±0.10-0.13mm
Final circuit board thickness 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm
Base copper thickness Normal 0.5oz and 1.0oz
Solder mask Taiyo PSR4000, Tamura DSR2200
Solder mask thickness on tracks 20-30μм

What are the Features of High-Frequency Materials that PCBONLINE Uses

PCBONLINE uses and advises clients to use substrate materials that have these properties:

  • • Low water absorption. Moisture affects dielectric constant (Dk) and dielectric loss (Df) of high frequency/high speed PCBs.

  • • Consistent thermal expansion coefficient of the PCB substrate and copper foil. If that is ignored, then copper foil separation may happen.

  • • Small and stable dielectric constant (Dk). The smaller Dk, the better RF microwave PCBs. Because of the signal transmission rate and the square root of the material, Dk is inversely proportional. High Dk is easy to cause signal transmission delay.

  • • Small dielectric loss (Df). Df mainly affects the quality of signal transmission. The smaller Df, the smaller signal loss.

  • • High heat resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and peel strength.


How is the High Frequency PCB Manufacturing at PCBONLINE

  • • The line width tolerance of HF PCBs is usually ±0.02mm (but can even be ±0.015mm). Therefore, from the perspective of engineering data, our engineers will compensate the line widths according to different copper thicknesses and measure the etched board to confirm whether it is within the tolerance range.

  • • Pit, notches, pinholes, and other defects in the circuit line will affect the transmission effect, and any such minor defects are not allowed in the high-frequency PCB layout. Therefore, after the film is drawn, it must be checked to ensure no pinholes or gaps in the film. The most difficult procedure of high frequency PCB fabrication is chemical copper sinking. All holes must have copper and no blank. PCBONLINE adopts the Plasma method, which is to inject carbon tetrafluoride (CF₄) or argon (Ar₂) nitrogen (N₂) and oxygen (O₂) between two high-pressure electrodes under the vacuum environment. The HF PCB is placed between two electrodes, and the Plasma is formed in the cavity to remove the drilling dirt and dirt in the hole.

  • • Solder resistance thickness is also strictly controlled. Because too thick or too thin lines solder masks for several microns can be disqualified.

  • • The final destructive test is carried out in manufacturing: thermal shock at 288℃, for 10 seconds, for 1 to 3 times, to ensure no separation of hole wall.

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