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"Carbon ink PCB's pads are printed with carbon ink, which is conductive. PCBONLINE can plate PCB pads with gold/silver and then carbon ink."
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Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

carbon ink PCB structure

Applications of Carbon Ink PCBs

  • ● High-resistance carbon ink PCBs can be used for industrial instrument panels
  • ● Panels of low-power consumer electronics, such as TV remote controls
  • ● Panels of electronic organs, calculators, phones
  • ● Mechanical computer keyboards, custom computer keyboards
  • ● Electronic measuring instruments, such as multi-functional meters
  • ● Immersion gold then carbon ink-coated PCBs can be used for medical panels
PCBONLINE's Carbon Ink PCB Capabilities


1 to 60 (No layer limit)

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

PCB quantity

Prototype, batch production, no quantity limit

Carbon ink alignment tolerance (1oz copper)

Carbon to carbon: 8mil
Carbon to PAD: 6mil
Carbon to line: 6mil

Carbon ink alignment tolerance (2oz copper)

Carbon to carbon: 10mil
Carbon to PAD: 8mil
Carbon to line: 8mil

Carbon ink alignment tolerance (3oz copper)

Carbon to carbon: 12mil
Carbon to PAD: 10mil
Carbon to line: 10mil

Single-sided carbon ink type and resistance

CCI-301D, ≥250Ω

Double-sided carbon ink type and resistance

T-30PL-30, ≥250Ω

Single/double-sided carbon ink type and resistance

CCI-301F, <250Ω

Surface finish to carbon ink pads

Carbon ink
Immersion gold then carbon ink
Carbon ink then immersion silver
Carbon ink then immersion tin

Advantages of the One-Stop Carbon Ink PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

High-resistance carbon ink PCBs are available
We can print carbon then immersion silver/tin on PCB pads
We can plate gold then carbon ink on PCB pads
We can manufacture carbon ink and immersion silver flexible PCBs
Free one-on-one engineering support throughout your project
Turnkey carbon ink PCB/PCBA without minimum quantity limit

Carbon Ink PCB Certifications

Carbon Ink PCB Certifications

What is Carbon Ink PCB

  • Carbon ink PCB is also called carbon oil PCB. Carbon ink PCBs are printed circuit boards designed to have pads whose surface finish is carbon ink. Carbon ink is printed in the way of silk screen printing, but carbon ink is conductive.
  • Carbon ink pads are usually the buttons or knobs that need to withstand thousands of times of pressing. The carbon ink plating on pads is extremely durable.
  • From PCBONLINE, carbon ink can be plated on flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, ceramic PCBs, aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs, FR4 PCBs, etc.

Surface Finish of Carbon Ink PCBs

carbon ink surface finish
The surface finish is a film printed, sprayed, or immersed on PCB pads. Carbon ink is also a surface finish and acts as a resistor.
From PCBONLINE, PCB pads surface finish can be immersion gold then carbon ink. Or the surface finish can be carbon ink then immersion silver/tin.
Selective surface finish is also available, without PCB substrate material limits.

Advantages of Carbon Ink PCBs

  • Carbon ink PCBs are usually used for buttons, penels or knobs. Carbon ink PCBs have these advantages:
  • ● Carbon PCBs are much cheaper than most other PCBs, yet it have stable performance.
  • ● Carbon ink has high wear-resistance and can withstand thousands to millions of times of switch on and off.
  • ● Carbon ink PCB printing is environment-friendly, which will not pollute the air, water, or soil.

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Carbon Ink PCB Examples

"Usually, carbon ink pads on the PCBs serve as buttons or switches. The PCB in the image is no exception. PCBONLINE fabricates the carbon ink PCBs using high-resistance carbon according to our Japanese client's requirement. The solder mask is very flat, and the light green looks comfortable. The selective surface finishes are very even."

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