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Overview of Carbon Ink PCB

  • Looking for carbon coated PCBs/PCBA? PCBONLINE is your best carbon ink PCB supplier.
  • Carbon ink PCBs are printed circuit boards that apply silkscreen printing technology to print carbon ink on certain pads. The carbon PCB/carbon ink PCB is distinguished for its carbon film with resistance, which is conductive and permanent. The carbon ink film replaces some resistive components. Carbon ink PCBs are widely used, especially for the low-power electronics. The applications include TV, telephone, computer and its keyboard, electric organ, game console, micro cassette recorder, etc..

Advantages of Carbon Ink PCB

Why Choose Carbon Ink PCB from PCBONLINE

  • • We manufacture any type of carbon ink PCB, including the high resistance carbon, the single-sided, the double-sided, the multilayer.
  • • Have rich experience in selecting carbon ink, which is vital to carbon PCB quality.
  • • We are professional and have two automatic single panel production lines for carbon ink PCB.
  • • From material opening to silkscreen printing, all manufacturing processes are without personnel intervention.
  • • Have strict control in carbon ink process, and the surface of PADs will never be contaminated.
  • • We will review the Gerber and provide suggestion for free if there is anything wrong.
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Carbon Ink PCB - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Tech Specifications

  • You can take a look at the specifications of the carbon ink PCB produced by PCBONLINE as below. Whatever inquiries are, we can meet perfectly.
  • For the high resistance carbon ink board, you can check the resistance add ink that PCBONLINE uses as below.
  • Note: PCBONLINE will use the carbon ink resistance calculation formula: R = ρL/WT × 1.2 (ρ: carbon ink square resistance, L: carbon ink length, W: carbon ink width T: carbon ink thickness) to calculate the corresponding resistance value, then choose the relative carbon ink material when we printed carbon PCB.

Control over Carbon Ink PCB Fabrication

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  • PCBONLINE has very strict control in carbon ink process. Here are some examples of our control.
  • 1. We never produce carbon ink with immersion silver or immersion boards. The reason is that if one prints carbon ink after immersion silver or immersion tin, the surface of PADs will be contaminated. If one prints the carbon ink first and then immersion silver or immersion tin, the silver and tin will adhere to the surface of the carbon ink.
  • 2. Engineers in PCBONLINE will review customers' Gerber first. If there is a carbon ink + immersion silver or tin, we will suggest the customer change to carbon ink + immersion gold.
  • PCBONLINE takes the attitude that quality is first throughout the whole carbon PCB manufacturing, assembly, material & component selection, and the final product packaging. All we want is to provide the best carbon ink PCB and service to you.

Components of Carbon Ink PCB

  • The parts are integral organs of the carbon PCB and you can get any components from PCBONLINE. Some of the essential carbon components include:
  • 1. Battery

    A battery is the basic carbon element which gives voltage to the course.

  • 2. Resistors

    Resistors are responsible for controlling the electric current and providing resistance to the carbon ink PCB when current passes through them. Specific color codes are present and determine the value of the resistors.

  • 3. LED

    Light Emitting Diode (LED) of ink PCB gets lighted up as the current flows through it. It allows the current to flow in only one direction.

  • 4. Transistor

    A transistor for the ink PCB flex is used for amplifying charge.

  • 5. Capacitors

    Capacitors for the ink PCB flex are responsible for harbouring electrical charge.

  • 6. Inductors

    Inductors are responsible for the storage of charge for the ink PCBs. They also provide resistance and change the current in the process.

  • 7. Diode

    A carbon ink diode enables the current to flow in only one direction while blocking the other path.

  • 8. Switches

    The switches are used for allowing and blocking the current when they are closed and open respectively.

  • Besides the carbon PCB as the basic structure and its assembly, you can get all of the above and other components from PCBONLINE. The quality is ensured as we strictly manage every material and component supplier and have strict controls over every the manufacturing and assembly process.

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