Aluminum PCB: Amazing Heat Dissipation, Low Prices, Industry 4.0 Manufacturing

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Overview of PCBONLINE Aluminum PCB

  • PCBONLINE provides single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, and flexible aluminum PCBs for automotive, LEDs, etc. IPC-A600-3/2 Class quality. Free aluminum substrate PCB samples and only $30 per square meter for bulk orders.
  • PCBONLINE is the first aluminum-based PCB manufacturer to achieve industry 4.0 manufacturing in China. Excellent 1-9W/mK thermal conductivity, mechanical flatness, and mechanical consistency.

Advantages of Aluminum PCBs

What Makes PCBONLINE Competitive Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

  • ◆ PCBONLINE’s aluminum PCBs have low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity, which increases your module’s power output and lengthen its lifespan.
  • ◆ From cutting lamination to testing the finished boards, our whole production line for aluminuum PCBs is full automatic without human intervention, which ensures accuracy.
  • ◆ Provides high-quality aluminum PCBs at lower prices than other PCB manufacturers because our PCB factory achieves full automatic production.
  • ◆ R&D engineers make a good balance between thermal resistance and dielectric strength of the aluminum PCB, which ensures the boards meet your requirements.
  • ◆ Machines and ink we use are customized for aluminum PCB fabrication. And we have our own sheet material factory, the Yugu Chemical Material Ltd.
  • ◆ Provides aluminum PCBs of any parameters to meet your requirements for LED lighting, power supply, motor drive modules, etc.
  • ◆ Register from us and get $100 bonus for aluminum PCB layout/manufacturing/assembly and components.
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Aluminum PCB - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Ink, Machines, and More Details

  • A. Machines

    •  Customized machines: because the rigidity of aluminum-based material is much harder than that of FR4, the machines used by PCBONLINE are all customized for making aluminum substrate, so as to improve the problems of breaking knives and burrs.

    •  Other advanced equipment: we also have full-line operation, including LDI exposure machine, automatic test machine, automatic punching machine, and so on.

  • B. Ink

    Ink printing has always been a difficult aspect to control in the production of aluminum PCB, especially white ink. In many cases, when the aluminum PCB is SMT patch, after reflow welding, the ink will turn yellow. The ink used by PCBONLINE is TAIYO and other international brand ink, which ensure that the ink will not yellow.

  • C. Double-sided aluminum PCB

    PCBONLINE has its own sheet material factory and can produce double-sided aluminum PCB. The ceramic filler is adopted in the insulation layer of all double-sided aluminum substrate to ensure thermal conductivity and plate non-layering and avoid other undesirable issues.

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  • D. Available types of aluminum PCB for you to customize

    Aluminum nitride PCB, flexible aluminum PCB, aluminum flexible PCB, aluminum foil PCB, aluminum PCB for LED, and so on are available to customize as you wish.

    In many countries, aluminum PCB is also called aluminum foil PCB, aluminum clad PCB, aluminum backed PCB, aluminum core PCB, aluminum PCB prototyping, or aluminum PCB LED. If you have any questions about aluminum PCB stack up, please feel free to contact us by email at


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