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Overview of PCBONLINE's LED PCBs

  • LED lamps have many types and sizes, and many consists of LEDs mounted or attached to a circuit board. PCBONLINE manufactures and assembles all types of LED PCBs - metal substrate LED PCBs (aluminum LED PCBs and copper substrate LED PCBs) and ceramic LED PCBs (chip on board LED, driver on board LED, high-power LED package).
  • LEDs are temperature-sensitive components. PCBONLINE's LED PCBs have the main advantages of great thermal conductivity and good welding performance. To solve the thermal dissipation problem, choose PCBONLINE as your one-stop LED PCB manufacturer.

Advantages of LED PCBs

Why Choose LED PCBs from PCBONLINE

  • ◆ Have 21 Years of Experience in LED PCB manufacturing, assembly, and layout.
  • ◆ Manufacture LED aluminum PCBs, ceramic LED PCBs, LED copper substrate PCBs, LED strip/display PCB boards of different specifications.
  • ◆ PCBONLINE's LED PCBs have higher thermal conductivity and protect the LED chips and dies to have a longer shelf life.
  • ◆ Have mature technology for COB LED wire bonding and flip-chip assembly.
  • ◆ Can adjust the RGB LEDs' color by adjusting the light's wavelength according to clients' optical parameters.
  • ◆ You are free to get engineering support from us. Register, and you will get 100 USD coupons for online purchases immediately.
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LED PCB - Manufacturing and Tech Specs



  • LED pcb application

  • It is beneficial to use LED PCB as it helps electronics get thinner and smaller. Its numerous applications include but not limited to:
  • 1. Telecom LED PCB

    Telecommunication devices use LED displays and indicators. The LEDs offer decreased weight, improved durability, and enhanced heat transfer. So, they are much useful in the telecom sector applications such as high-frequency amplifiers and filtering appliances.

  • 2. Automotive LED PCB

    They can be found in car indicators, brake lights, headlights, and other devices. Longevity, durability, and low prices are the reason that LED PCBs aluminum PCB are common in the automotive industry.

  • 3. Computer LED PCB

    They are also becoming common in computer equipment as indicators and displays. The LED PCB board is an ideal solution for the heat-sensitive computer machinery.

  • 4. Medical LED PCB

    In medical examinations and surgeries, high-powered LED lighting tools are used. They ensure the proper function of the medical equipment regardless of the number of patients in the medical office.

  • 5. Other LED PCB

    Other application fields of LED PCB board are airport runway lights, street lighting, photovoltaic (solar) lightening, lanterns and flashlights, highway tunnel lightening, highway growth plant, signal, and traffic lighting.

    LED PCBs are best for consumer devices, some marine and aviation applications, flashlight and other camping accessories in lower-light environments, elevator lighting, power converters, decorative and concealed lights, and many more.


Three Prominent Types of LED PCB

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  • 1. LED aluminum PCB

    Led aluminum PCB also is known as LED PCB aluminum. It has good conductivity and is widely used in the LED industry. It has a very good performance in thermal conductivity and reflective performance. LED aluminum-based circuit board also has good cooling and heat dissipation performance, which is beneficial to extend the service life of LED products.

  • 2. LED Strip

    LED lamp strips are generally divided into two types: LED flex lamp strips(LED flexible PCB or LED flex PCB), and LED rigid lamp strips (LED rigid PCB).

    A. The flexible LED light strip adopts FPC as the printed circuit board assembly, and uses the patch LED to assemble, so that the product is as thick as a coin thus saving space. Its general specifications are 30cm long (18 LED, 24 LED) and 50cm long (15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED). There are also 60cm, 80cm, etc. and different users need different specifications.

    It can be cut or extended without being affected. The FPC material is soft and you can bend, fold or wind it at will. It can move and stretch freely in 3d space without breaking. Thus it is suitable for being used at irregular and narrow positions, and suitable for advertising decoration in any combination of all kinds of patterns.

    B. LED rigid light strip is made of rigid PCB board. LED rigid PCB can be assembled by patch, or directly inserted with LED, depending on the needs of different components. The advantage of a rigid light strip is that it is easy to fix, convenient to process and install. There are 18 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED, 36 LED, 40 LED and many other in-patch assembly specifications. For assembly with directly inserted LED, there are the 18, 24, 36, 48 and other different specifications. In addition to installation of LED in the front, LED rigid light strip can also be installed in the side (side light is also known as the Great Wall light strips).

  • 3. LED display PCB board

    LED display is a flat panel display. It is composed of many small LED module panels, and is used to display text, images, video, video signal, and other information devices. From the earliest P31.25 outdoor screen to the current P1.58 indoor screen, the LED display PCB board used in it is more and more sophisticated, and the LED PCB board design and production are more and more excellent. For example, the designed pad size of the P1.58 LED display PCB board, which is a second-order HDI board, is of only 0.15mm.


Internal Design

  • LED pcb internal design

  • In LED PCB manufacturing, the LED is attached to the circuit board with the help of soldering and has a chip that is used to produce light when connected to the electricity. A ceramic base and thermal heat sink are used for chip bonding.
  • An LED circuit board is likely to generate much heat, and using traditional cooling methods makes it difficult to cool it. The aluminum PCBs are preferred for LED applications as they offer a high ability to thermal dissipation.
  • PCBs are often found in the membrane switch for lower circuits with LED indicators because they give structural display window. These can integrate easily into the membrane switch design of PCB, but when it comes to choosing the LED type, there are some choices to make:
  • 1. Block and single point LED

    They are the most versatile PCB LEDs. They perform well with almost every kind of finished material surface. For higher light diffusion, it is good to use a textured or matte surface.

  • 2. Surface mount or integral single point LED

    These are mounted on the bottom layer of the lower circuit. They are available in an extensive color range, including bi-color.

    To emboss a graphics layer to put up the LEDs, it is quite easy to terminate LEDs from the same connector tail as of the switches. LED termination is provided on the separate tail; there is no need to emboss the graphics.

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