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Overview of Halogen-Free PCB

  • Want circuit boards for manufacturing halogen-free electrical products? PCBONLINE is your best halogen-free PCB supplier. Halogen-free PCB implies that the board does not contain halogens or include any compound obtained from these toxic elements.
  • Halogen-free PCB has excellent flame retardance because phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) replace the halogens. Using halogen-free PCB, your products can be shipped to all over the world.

Advantages of Halogen-Free PCB

Why Choose Halogen-Free PCB from PCBONLINE

  • • Halogen-free PCB material selection, production, assembly, and packaging are fully implemented.
  • • We can produce and assemble complex types of halogen-free PCB, such as the multilayer, rigid-flex, etc..
  • • Offer halogen-free electrical components and final product assembly as well.
  • • When receiving an inquiry about halogen free requirements, we will conduct a free professional evaluation to confirm whether the requirements can be met.
  • • The engineering department will change the related BOM and process sheets for the halogen free inquiry.
  • • You will receive quick and good EMS services of halogen-free PCB, including manufacturing, assembly, components, final product packaging, etc..
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Halogen-Free PCB - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Material Specifications

  • In the European Union, the United States, Japan, and other countries, various laws or directives are enacted to restrict or ban the use of halogen flame retardants. Material manufacturers are also developing alternatives to halogen flame retardants. Flame retardants commonly used today include phosphorus, nitrogen and some inorganic compounds, what make halogen free PCB. Here are some halogen free PCB materials used by PCBONLINE:
  • Material Brand



    S1165/S1165M, S0165


    DE156, GreenSpeed®




    IT140G, IT170G




Controls for Halogen-Free Production

Halogen free involves a wide range of aspects, not only materials but also the production process, that’s why halogen free PCB need to be strictly controlled. PCBONLINE controls halogen-free production in the following aspects:

  • 1. Raw material supplier control

    Only by meeting PCBONLINE's strategy and product service requirements, can the raw material suppliers become qualified for us.

  • 2. Procurement control

    The purchasing department is required to note all halogen-free materials when placing orders, and the products must meet the halogen free PCB legislation. Meanwhile PCBONLINE will provide customers with the RoHS and halogen-free SGS test report and MSDS composition list.

  • 3. Material input control

    All halogen free PCB materials sent by suppliers must be labeled with halogen-free label, and we will confirm supplier's certificate of conformity (COC). In addition, every batch of raw materials must be tested for halogen-free environmental protection.

  • 4. Warehouse control

    We divide the storage area of halogen free PCB laminate and halogen free materials to prevent mixing.

  • 5. Production process

    Production orders must be conducted separately and we divide different areas for different production processes. Materials in production areas must be separated to prevent mixing.

  • 6. Packaging

    We label according to the customer's requirements if there are any. If there are not extra packaging requirements, we label "HF" in the outer box.


Halogen-Free vs. Halogen-Containing

  • Halogen-free materials

    At present, most of the halogen-free materials are mainly phosphorus-based and phosphorus-nitrogen-based. When the phosphorus-containing resin is burned, it is thermally decomposed to form a polyphosphoric acid, which has strong dehydration properties. It forms a carbonized film on the surface of the polymer resin, isolates the resin's burning surface from contact with air, and extinguishes the fire to achieve a flame retardant effect. Polymer resins containing phosphorus-nitrogen compounds generate non-combustible gases during combustion, assisting the resin system with flame retardancy.

  • Halogen-containing materials

    Halogen-containing flame retardant materials (Polymerized Polybrominated Biphenyls, PBB, and Polymerized Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers, PBDE) will emit dioxin (TCDD), Benzfuran, etc. when they are discarded and burned. The smoke is large, the smell is bad, and there is a highly toxic gas, which is carcinogenic, and cannot be discharged after inhalation, thus seriously affecting health.

  • The negative consequences of the use of halogens as raw materials have a huge impact, and it is necessary to ban halogens.

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