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"High Tg PCB has a glass temperature of 180+℃ and maximum working
temperature of 140+℃."
high Tg printed circuit board

High Tg PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

high Tg PCB

Applications of High Tg PCBs

  • ● Lead-free assemblies
  • ● Wireless communications equipment
  • ● Computers, servers, routing systems
  • ● Automotive, medical, LED forward lighting systems
  • ● Precise instruments, measuring instruments, etc.
PCBONLINE's High Tg PCB Capabilities

PCB layers

1 to 64

High Tg materials

FR4, alumina, aluminum nitride, FR3, FR5

Tg Values

180℃, 185℃, 190℃, 200℃... 700℃

build time

1 day to 4 weeks

Final board thickness

0.05mm to 3.2mm

Board size

Min. 4mm×4mm to Max. 460mm×610mm

HDI capabilities

1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3, 4+N+4

High Tg Isola laminates

FR408, FR408HR, FR370HR, IS410

High Tg Shengyi laminates

S1000-2, S1000-2M, S1190, S7439

High Tg Nelco laminates

N4000-12, N4000-13/13SI,
N4000-13EP/EPSI, N4000-29,
N4380-13RF, N4350-13RF,
N4800-20/20SI, N7000-2 HT

High Tg Rogers laminates

RO4305B, RO4003C, RO4835, RO4833

High Tg ITEQ laminates

IT-150DATC, IT-200LKTC, IT-180I

Advantages of the One-Stop High Tg PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

Use high Tg PCB materials such as IT 180A, alumina
Custom PCB Tg meeting your unique requirements
Own PCB factory with ISO quality management system
Tailored Tg PCB manufacturing from prototypes to mass production
Professional free one-on-one engineering support
One-stop PCB design, manufacturing, assembly, parts sourcing

High Tg PCB Certifications

High Tg PCB Certifications

What is PCB Tg

Tg stands for glass transition temperature, and PCB Tg value is 40℃ higher than the PCB's maximum operating temperature. When the temperature goes beyond the Tg point, the rigid PCB core gradually becomes soft, which will affect the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the product seriously. Normal PCB Tg is 135℃, and high Tg of PCB is 180℃. High Tg PCB materials can be FR4, ceramics, FR3, FR5, etc.

Considerations of Choosing High Tg PCB Materials and PCB Manufacturing

high Tg PCB board
The higher the PCB Tg value, the bigger the operating temperature range of the product.
Besides Tg, another main consideration of PCB laminates is CTE-z , which indicates the thermal expansion and contraction of the PCB material.
If a laminate has a low CTE-z and a high Tg, it is a high-performance PCB material.
High Tg PCBs are harder than normal Tg PCBs, and drilling on them needs more power. During PCB manufacturing, high Tg materials can't be laminated with normal Tg materials.

Advantages of High Tg PCBs

  • Compared with normal Tg PCBs, high Tg PCBs have these advantages:
  • ● stronger mechanical strength,
  • ● more dimensional stability,
  • ● better adhesion,
  • ● less water absorption,
  • ● smaller thermal decomposition,
  • ● smaller thermal expansion.

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Tg 180 PCB

High Tg PCB Examples

"PCBONLINE did a good job in the one stop shop solution for my miners' building. My PCB board is multilayer high Tg with HDI requirements. From samples to bulky production, they made every piece successful. Thank you, PCBONLINE team."

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