Lead-Free PCB Manufacturing and Assembly RoHS Certified

"PCB lead-free requires lead-free PCB laminates, solder flux, components,
and lead-free assembly. That's what PCBONLINE offers."
LED PCB manufacturer

Lead-Free PCB Manufacturing Capabilities


Applications of Lead-Free PCBs

  • ● RoHS-certified lead-free PCBs can be shipped and used worldwide
  • ● REACH-certified lead-free PCBs can be shipped and used in EU countries
  • ● Can be used in states that mandate lead-free manufacturing, such as California
  • ● Products that work with human beings, such as consumer electronics
  • ● Lead-free PCBs are used for almost all middle-end or advanced products
  • ● Used for products that are friendly to environments and animals
PCBONLINE's Lead-Free PCB Capabilities


1 to 60 (No limit)

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

PCB quantity

Prototype, batch production, no quantity limit

Lead-free PCBs we make

Flexible, rigid-flex, aluminum, FR4, ceramic, HDI, high-frequency, thick-copper, carbon ink PCBs

Surface Finish

Lead-free HASL
ENIG: Au 1µ" to 3µ", Ni 120µ" to 200µ"
OSP: 0.25µm to 0.5µm
Immersion tin: 0.5µm to 1µm
Immersion silver: 0.05µm to 0.12µm
Hard gold plating: Au 5µ" to 40µ", Ni 120µ" to 200µ"

Lead-free assembly

All our PCBA lines are only for lead-free uses

PCB/PCBA Inspections

Flying probe, four-terminal sensing, SPI, X-ray, AOI, first-piece test, functional test, thermal aging

Solder flex we use

305 (3% silver, 0.5% copper, 96.5% tin)
0307 (0.3% silver, 0.7% copper, 99% tin)
mid-temperature(1% silver, 35% bismuth, 64% tin)
low temperature (58% bismuth, 42% tin)

Reflow solder peak temperature


Advantages of the One-Stop Lead-Free PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

RoHS, IPC-600, IPC-610, REACH-certified quality management
Our PCBA factory doesn't provide leaded assembly but only lead-free assembly
Lead-free throughout PCB manufacturing, components, solder flux, assembly
We can provide a RoHS report to you with PCB/PCBA manufacturing
High-quality PCB/PCBA manufacturing without minimum order limit
One-on-one engineering support throughout your project, free, professional

Lead-Free PCB Certifications

Lead-Free PCB Certifications

Why do You Need Lead-Free PCBs

  • The REACH and RoHS Directive mandate the electrical and electronics products to be free of hazardous chemicals. PCBs, the core in hardware manufacturing, should be lead-free if your boards need to enter the EU and most of the rest world.
  • A lead-free PCB/PCBA has a lead concentration smaller than 0.1% (1000ppm), and other hazardous substances PBB, PBDE, DEHP, BBP, DBP, DIBP, Cr 6+, Hg, Cd all smaller than 0.1%.
  • Exposure to lead brings permanent health risks. Nowadays, most OEMs require circuit boards to meet lead-free standards.

What is Lead-Free Assembly

lead-free PCB assembly
Lead-free PCB assembly is a systematic requirement, it requires the electronic components, solder paste, PCB boards to be lead-free. Leaded solder paste not only causes the PCBA to fail RoHS certification, but also causes insufficient solder and fails the board.
The lead-free assembly line can't be used for leaded assembly, because leaded solder flux will contaminate scrapers of the SMT machine and fails afterwards lead-free assembly.
The reflow solder temperatures of lead-free assembly are about 40°C higher than leaded assembly. The peak temperature is about 255°C.

Benefits of Lead-Free PCBs

  • Compared with leaded PCB, lead-free PCBs has higher manufacturing requirements, but you can enjoy these benefits:
  • ● Your products can meet regulatory standards and be shipped worldwide.
  • ● The lead-free assembly has better solderability than leaded assembly.
  • ● Lead-free PCBs are hazardous-free. You and your clients are free from health risks using them and end-products.

We are solution experts to Lead-Free PCB projects
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ead-free antenna PCB

Lead-Free PCB Examples

"Jim is a frequent customer of PCBONLINE. He's a respectful scientist in the communication field. All PCBs he orders from PCBONLINE are high-frequency PCBs. We think we win his trust with our good control accuracy of the expansion and shrinkage coefficient. A lead-free RF PCB in the image is one of the PCBs we fabricated for him."

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