Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing from 2 to 30 Layers

"Designed in 3D space, rigid-flex PCBs eliminate the board-to-board connectors,
which makes multiple designs possible."
rigid-flex printed circuit board

Rigid flex PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

rigid-flex PCB

Applications of rigid-flex PCBs

  • ● Industrial Control — laser electronics, motor controller
  • ● Communication — optical module, base station server
  • ● Automotive — camera, high-speed camera
  • ● Medical devices — analytical instruments,capsule gastroscope
  • ● Consumer electronics — smart wear, event lighting
PCBONLINE's Rigid Flex PCB Capabilities

Flex section layer number

1 to 6

Rigid-flex PCB layer number

2 to 30

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

Board size

Min. 4mm×4mm to Max. 457mm×610mm

Final board thickness

0.05mm to 0.6mm


Polyimide, high TG polyimide, FR4, FR4 high TG, RA copper, HTE copper, adhesive

PCB thickness in flex section

0.01mm to 0.1mm

Min. pitch


HDI stack-up

1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3, 4+N+4

Aspect ratio


Copper thickness

1/3oz to 3oz

Min. track/space


Advantages of the One-Stop Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

PCB design in the most economical way according to the assembly structure drawing
Bending, anti-vibration, other performance tests according to application requirements
Strict quality control. ISO, RoHS, UL, and IPC certified
Custom fabrication from prototypes to mass production
Professional one-on-one engineering support
Turnkey services including PCB production & assembly, parts

Rigid-Flex PCB Certifications

Rigid-Flex PCB Certifications

What is Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid-flex PCBs essentially are flexible PCBs that have rigid FR4 PCB layers. The flexible section is the internal FPC layers of the rigid-flex PCB, and rigid FR4 PCB sections scatter on the top and bottom. The exposed flexible PCBs are positions that require the flexibility of products.
The rigid FR4 sections and the flexible section are electrically interconnected. And copper used for the FPC section has to be rolled copper.
How do we fabricate rigid-flex PCBs?
We fabricate the flexible PCB layers and rigid FR4 PCB layers first. On the rigid layers, the areas for the exposed FPC are without circuits. Second, we laminate the flexible layers and rigid layers and then laser cut to remove the unwanted rigid FR4.

Rigid Flex PCB Available Structures

rigid-flex PCB structure
Symmetrical rigid flex PCB construction - the board is manufactured with inward symmetrical flex layers. Capability is from 3R+1F to 24R+6F.
Asymmetrical rigid flex PCB construction - the board is manufactured with outward asymmetrical flex layers. Capability is from 2R+1F to 24R+6F.
HDI multilayer rigid flex PCB construction - the board's rigid section is with blind/buried mirovias. HDI capability is 4+N+4.

Advantages and Applications of Rigid Flex PCB

Advantages of rigid flex PCBs are dynamic and mechanical stability, space-saving, simplified installation, freedom of 3D design, reduced overall product weight.
Applications of rigid flex PCBs range from aerospace & defense systems to computers, smartphones, and cameras, especially products with a compact space.

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Rigid Flex Pcb Manufacturing

Rigid Flex PCB Examples

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