Small Batch PCB Assembly Services 24-Hour Quickest Turnaround

"Low-volume expedited PCB assembly is a blind point to the PCB industry. Relying on our EMS factory and components in stock, PCBONLINE solves it easily by taking two-shift work without quality sacrifice."
Small Batch PCB Assembly manufacturer

Small-Batch PCB Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

small batch PCB assembly

Applications of Low Volume PCB Assembly

  • ● Prototype PCB assembly is usually used for sampling, testing, and design improvement
  • ● Small batch PCB assembly is often ordered for scientific research by institutes
  • ● Business makers often order low volume PCB assembly for business tries
  • ● Hobbyists may also order low volume PCB assembly to bring designs into reality
  • ● Companies may buy low volume PCB assembly for small-scale marketing
  • ● Ensuring bulky PCBA order quality because low volume PCB assembly has the same quality as bulky PCBA
Small-Batch PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB assembly standard

IPC-A-610 Class 2/3

Low volume PCB assembly quantity

5 pieces to 30 pieces

Turnaround time

24 hours to 24 days

Finest pitch


Maximum board size

1200mm × 370mm

Minimum board size

50mm × 50mm

Maximum rectangular part size

50mm × 150mm

Maximum square part size

74mm × 74mm

Maximum component height


PCB thickness

0.3mm to 4mm

Minimum SMD package

01005 (0.4mm × 0.2mm)

PCB assembly services

PCB design
PCB fabrication
electronic component sourcing
conformal coating
IC programming
functional jig test
burn-in test

Advantages of the Small-Batch PCB Assembly Manufacturer PCBONLINE

Provide two-shift work for small-batch expedited PCB assembly
One-stop prototype PCB manufacturing and assembly services
ISO 8 cleanroom, IPC-A-610 Class 2/3 low-volume PCBA manufacturing
The quickest PCBA turnaround time is only 24-hour
One-on-one engineering support throughout the PCBA project
Offer electronic component sourcing, complete testing, and end-product assembly

Small Batch PCB Assembly Certifications

Small Batch PCB Assembly Certifications

Low Volume PCB Assembly Cost

  • The cost of low volume PCB assembly is determined by various factors including where the manufacturer is located, PCB size, types of PCB, testing, complexity, and electronic components. So we can't set the PCB assembly price range merely according to the board quantity, but usually, low-volume assembly is cheaper than high volume.
  • Single-sided and double-sided boards are different in price. Commercial-grade PCBs are cheaper than military-grade PCBs. Prices of different PCBA can differ from $3 to $3000 per piece. If you are buying an OEM service and getting the box built, the average price for the assembly will be lower than if you only order the PCB assembly.
  • As for the price factor - location, Shenzhen of China is where you can get good quality PCB at a low price. In U.S. and Europe, where suppliers also provide quality PCB and assembly, the price is very high, and the turnaround is also much longer. While in other regions the PCB technology is not that developed and you may spend even more because the quality is not ensured and in that case, you will buy again from other suppliers. So if you want to order quality PCB fabrication and assembly, choose suppliers in China.
  • PCBONLINE is your best choice for advanced low volume PCB assembly, and when you register or help promote, you will get coupons and buy at a reasonable price.
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PCBONLINE's Advantages in Expedited Complex Small Batch PCB Assembly

  • PCBONLINE has absolute advantages in expedited advanced PCB assembly orders.
    Flexible production: our PCB assembly factory provides flexible production. For expedited orders, we will take 2-shift work and the PCB assembly lines will keep on going until work is finished.
    ● Advanced PCB manufacturing: we have two advanced PCB manufacturing bases and most of our team have a research and development engineer background.
    ● Electronic components: our warehouse has almost all basic electronic components in stock, and we have strategic cooperation with authoritative suppliers such as Digikey and Mouser and enjoy discounts and better services.
    ● PCB assembly and value-added services: Our core business is to provide one-stop PCBA services in various fields such as industrial control electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, security electronics, consumer electronics, communication electronics, power electronics, etc. We have capabilities and rich experiences to meet the different needs of different customers.

    Prototype and Small-Batch PCB Assembly Solutions

    • PCBONLINE provides one-stop solutions for prototype and low-volume PCBA, no matter how complex your circuit is.
    • Prototype PCB assembly: prototype means the total area of the PCB is 0.3㎡ or below. We can design, fabricate, and assemble your prototype PCB. For bulky production, we offer a free complete PCBA sample and functional testing.
    • Small batch PCB assembly: small batch or low volume refers to 5 to 30 pieces of circuit boards that need soldering parts. Our small batch PCB assembly services include DFM, DFT, DFX, PCB fabrication, component sourcing, seeking alternative components, PCB assembly, and end-product assembly.
    • All of our prototype and small batch PCB manufacturing and assembly are implemented on the same production lines as bulky PCB manufacturing and assembly. And value-added services such as conformal coating, functional jig testing, IC programming, burn-in testing, and box-built are also available.
    • If your Gerber, BOM, and pick-and-place file are all okay and we have all components in stock, our prototype PCB manufacturing and assembly can start immediately, and the turnaround time is 24 hours. If we don't have all components in stock, we need extra 12 hours or more to source the components, so in such a case, the minimum turnaround time is 36 hours.

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    Small-Batch PCB Assembly Examples

    "The image displays the industrial control PCB assemblies fabricated from PCBONLINE. The boards were fabricated perfectly, and the soldering acceptance level reaches IPC Class 3. From PCBONLINE, the PCB fab and assembly prices are transparent. If you look for a PCB assembly house, work with PCBONLINE."

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