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Overview of Low Volume Assembly

  • Low volume PCB assembly is one of the advanced PCB assembly solutions provided by PCBONLINE. Low volume refers to 5 to 2,000 pieces circuit boards that need soldering parts on. This kind of PCB assembly is done quickly and mainly used for electronic samples production, product testing, and small-scale manufacturing.
  • Low volume PCB assembly is same to normal or high volume assembly in techniques and process, but the work volume is smaller and thus the turnaround is much quicker.

Advantages of Low Volume Assembly

Why Choose Low Volume PCB Assembly from PCBONLINE

  • • We have a quick turn PCB factory and the lead time for low volume PCB assembly is unbelievably short.
  • • We are a professional advanced PCB supplier & assembler, where you can order complex PCB such as the flexible, aluminum, high frequency, multilayer, etc..
  • • You can get SMT and DIP assembly customized to your needs from us.
  • • No matter how small your assembly amount is, and how complex your circuit is, our low volume PCB assembly is quality-guaranteed.
  • • From manufacturing to assembly, the low volume PCB can be finished within only 8 hours.
  • • PCBONLINE provides a new sketch of designs or other prototypes if your original is not that ideal.
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Low Volume PCB Assembly - Process and Tech Specs


Tech Specifications

Either whether you want a low volume of SMT assembly, or whether you are looking for SMT & DIP assembly for your circuit boards, you can always contact PCBONLINE or order online. In addition, we shorten the delivery time, improve the competitiveness of your products, thereby helping you win the market. Below you can find different turn time for different assembly techniques and PCB amount by PCBOLINE.


Low Volume PCB Assembly Cost

  • A low volume PCB assembly involves same soldering techniques and tests including DFM and DFT checking, and its cost covers all these processes. The cost for low volume PCB assembly is determined by various factors including area, size, types of PCB, and the number of holes, testing, layers, complexity, and mounting material. So we can't set the PCB assembly price range merely according to the board quantity, but usually volume is cheaper than normal or high volume.
  • Single sided, double sided, and multiple layer boards are different in price. Commercial grade PCBs are cheaper than military-grade PCBs. Prices of different PCB can differ from $3 to 3000 per PCB. If you are buying an OEM service and getting the final product, the average price for the assembly will be lower than if you only order the PCB assembly, as in a PCB supplier like PCBONLINE all process and components can be done under one roof, thus saving the shipping and other costs.
  • As for the price factor - area, China is where you can get good quality PCB at a low price. In U.S. and Europe, where suppliers also provide quality PCB and assembly, the price is very high, and the turn time is also much longer. While in other regions the PCB technology is not that developed and you may spend even more because the quality is not ensured and in that case you will buy again from other suppliers. So if you want to buy quality PCB and assembly service, choose suppliers in China.
  • PCBONLINE is your best choice for complex low volume PCB assembly, and when you register or help promote, you will get coupons and buy at a reasonable price.


  • PCBONLINE specializes in electronic product design/solution development/product processing. Our core business is to provide one-stop PCBA services in various fields such as industrial control electronics, automotive electronics, medical electronics, security electronics, consumer electronics, communication electronics, power electronics, etc., and we also provide small volume PCB assembly to meet different needs of different customers.
  • All our PCB, assembly, components, and the final product assembly and packaging are under strict quality control, and 100% meet the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances by Europe) standards, and can be shipped to around the world.

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