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Overview of PCB Prototypes

  • PCBONLINE can provide you with any type of prototypes that you may need. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are also known as prototype circuit boards and printed wire boards (PWBs). PCB is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. When the components have been assembled, the PCB is called a PCB assembly (PCBA).
  • PCBs can be classified into many categories: single and double sided PCBs, and complex PCBs such as multilayer PCB, high-density interconnects (HDI) PCB, thick- copper PCB, rigid-flex PCB, etc.

Advantages of PCB Prototypes

Why Choose PCB Prototypes from PCBONLINE?

  • • We can manufacture and assemble any simple and complex PCBs at any volume that you need them.
  • • All of our PCBs, PCBAs, and any of our other products are strictly quality controlled to be compliant with ISO, RoHS, and IPC standards.
  • • We have three PCB factories with 100+ in-house R&D engineers and 500+ highly-trained technicians.
  • • We can customize and generate any type of PCB and PCBA while also providing free DFT, DFM, and DFX reports.
  • • We have the quickest delivery times with the fastest delivery in only 12-hours!
  • • We can also provide component sourcing services as well as PCB layouts for your design requirements.
  • • PCBONLINE has specializing in advanced PCB prototypes since 1999 with rich experience.
pcbonline pcb prototype

PCB Prototype - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Quick-Turn PCBs

  • PCBONLINE provides our client with a guarantee that they will get their PCB prototypes in the originally quoted number of days. Quick-turn PCBs means that the circuit board is manufactured and assembled as quickly as possible - sometimes only in 24-hours! PCBONLINE can provide you with this guarantee while also maintaining excellent product quality.
  • PCBONLINE provides quick-turn PCB services for all types of circuits boards including, but not limited to the following: single-layer and double-layer PCBs, multilayer constructions, aluminum core PCBs, halogen-free boards, HDI designs, high-frequency PCBs, flexible constructions, rigid-flex boards, heavy copper boards, lead-free PCBs, and many more! You can quickly order all kinds of quick-turn PCBs from us on our quote page!

Gerber Files for Manufacturing

Gerber files are the first step in any PCB fabrication process. When you design a PCB with any piece of software, you will see the copper of the PCB as many different shapes, lines, and sizes. Those graphical representations of the copper need to be converted into data that PCB manufacturers can use to produce a circuit board. This data is stored in what are called Gerber files!

A Gerber file has four main elements which include configuration parameters, aperture settings, XY coordinates, and flash command codes. Each portion of the PCB requires a different Gerber file. This means that each conductor layer, soldermask layer, silkscreen layer, etc. all need to have their own Gerber files.

Gerber data can be modified and generated directly with a text editor, but there are various types of software that can be used to view and guide the Gerber file creation.

PCBONLINE accepts Gerber files in RS-274X and RS-274-D formats as well as the following layout file formats:

• PCB files from PADS

• PCB and .DDB files from PROTEL

• .BRD files from Eagle

• PCB and/or .DDB files from Altium Designer


Technical Specifications

The standard specifications that we implement are derived from current IPC standards, but we go above and beyond what is requird.

FR4, Aluminum
Board Finish Thickness
1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and so on
TG (Glass Transition Temperature)
135℃, 140℃, 150℃, 170℃, 180℃
CTI (Comparative Tracking Index)
175≤CTI<250, 250≤CTI<400, 400≤CTI<600, CTI≥600
1 Layer, 2 Layer, 4 Layer, 6 Layer, 8 Layer
Inner Copper
1OZ, 2OZ, 3OZ
Outer Copper
1OZ, 2OZ, 3OZ
Min Track/Spacing
3/3MIL, 4/4MIL, 5/5MIL, 6/6MIL, 7/7MIL
BGA Size
Per Your Request
Min Hole Size
0.2mm, 0.3m and so on
Hole Copper
Per Your Request
Surface Finish
Immersion Gold, HASL with Lead, HASL Lead-Free, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver
Surface Finish Thickness
Per Your Request
Solder Mask
Green, Red, White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Matte Black, Matte Green
Silk Screen
White, Black

The information about is a simple overview page for our prototype PCBs. Different types of PCBs have additional technical specifications and capabilities which cannot all be shown here. Click on the links below for the technical specifications and capabilities of the specific type of PCB that you are looking for:

1. HDI PCB 2. Flexible PCB 3. High-TG PCB 4. Multilayer PCB 5. Halogen-Free PCB 6. Alumina PCB 7. Carbon Nanotube PCB 8. Rigid-Flex PCB 9. High Frequency PCB 10. Thick-Copper PCB 11. Lead-Free PCB 12. LED PCB 13. Carbon PCB 14. Carbon PCBB

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